Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)

There is some confusion about the name, is it amaryllis or hippeastrum or both? Botanically speaking, hippeastrum is the only correct name for the species we grow indoors. Amaryllis belladonna is a bulbous plant from South Africa that can be planted in a warm spot in the garden and blooms in late summer.

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Buy Amaryllis - Hippeastrum bulbs

We sell a wide range of fresh hippeastrum bulbs at very competitive prices; directly from our growers! View our current offer in the webshop and order already packed bulbs and tubers in different packages. Filter by category, color, group and flowering time, for a specified overview. You can easily order online in our webshop. Are you interested in bulk quantities and full containers? Then we refer you to our wholesale company Green Garden Flowerbulbs.


Planting hippeastrum bulbs

With hippeastrum bulbs you can create blooms from winter until spring. Hippeastrum blooms depending on when you plant and water it after about 8-10 weeks. After flowering, you can enjoy the shiny green leaves for a long time. The hippeastrum likes a place with lots of light, preferably with sun. The hippeastrum blooms at a temperature between 15 and 25 degrees. Use humus-rich potting soil with organic fertilizer. Use a pot that is not too big, with about two centimeters of space around the bulb. The hippeastrum can be placed in the garden in summer but is not hardy.


Hippeastrum care

To keep a hippeastrum you have to let the leaves grow, give it some nutrition and put the pot in a light place. In the fall put it away cold (12C) for about 12 weeks, keep watering lightly. Then the cycle begins again and with a little luck you will be able to get the hippeastrum to flower again.


Ordering hippeastrum bulbs online

Hippeastrum bulbs are available almost all year round (while stocks last). Of course you can start planning your garden or balcony and beautify your surroundings before the season starts. It is therefore possible, before the season begins, to already order online flower bulbs and tubers, so you are assured of your preferred choice of hippeastrum bulbs. The hippeastrum bulbs will be delivered, in a delivery week of your choice, at the right planting time! After you have placed an order, you will automatically receive an e-mail with an order confirmation. If you want more information about ordering, please visit the page ‘how to order’.

As soon as the hippeastrum bulbs are available they will be delivered at your doorstep. If you want more information about the shipping, please visit the page 'shipping and delivery'.


Different kinds of hippeastrum

We offer a wide range of hippeastrum bulbs in different varieties, such as double or single flowered hippeastrums in white, pink, red and multi-colored. Our selection of hippeastrum bulbs are Dutch grown and consists of the best varieties such as Benfica, Ice Queen, Nymph and Pink Rival. To make your choice you can use the filter; choose for example the size, flowering period, color, group or height.


History of the hippeastrum

The scientific name of the amaryllis is hippeastrum. There are 70 to 75 species and more than 600 hybrids and cultivars. The amaryllis is native to the (subtropical) regions of Mexico and the Caribbean to northern Argentina. The botanical name hippeastrum is Latinized Greek for "horseman's star" and was chosen by William Herbert in 1821.


Partner of Keukenhof

BULBi and Green Garden Flowerbulbs are proud partners of Keukenhof. Every year, we supply thousands of flower bulbs to the flower park in Lisse. Keukenhof, like BULBi and Green Garden Flowerbulbs, is located in the Bulb Region and attracts more than a million visitors from around the world every year.

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