Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Destinations and shipping charges

To which countries do you deliver bulbs?

We deliver to almost all countries in the E.U. An overview of our destinations can be found under  ‘Delivery and despatch’, which is listed at the bottom left of the page under Customer Service.


What are the delivery costs per country?

An overview of the costs per country can be found under ‘Delivery and despatch’, which is listed at the bottom left of the page under Customer Service.




How do I know if my payment has been received by BULBi?

If payment is received by us, we will send you an invoice by email. You will first receive an order confirmation by email and then a proof of payment (this is the invoice).


I want to pay my order by bank transfer, but do not have the necessary bank details anymore. How can I solve this?

We can send you a payment link by email, so you can arrange the payment directly. You can send your request to .


My payment failed, can I pay in another way?

Yes, of course. Please send us an email with your order number, and we will subsequently send you a payment link that gives you access to our payment screen. You can pay the order again here.




I'm not at home at the time of delivery, what should I do?

The DPD parcel service will make a maximum of three attempts to deliver the package to you. If you are not at home, DPD will leave a message and you can make a new appointment for delivery with them.


Is it possible to specify a different billing and shipping address?

Yes, this is possible and you can specify this at the end of the ordering process. You can also have your order delivered to another country by us.


Delivery time

When will my order be delivered?

During the ordering process, you select a calendar week in which we will deliver the bulbs. Before the delivery, you will receive an email from the DPD parcel service with the track & trace number of your package that allows you to track the status of the delivery. In this way you will know exactly when your order will be delivered.


I want to receive my order in a specific week, is this possible?

Yes, that is possible. At the end of the ordering process, you have the option to indicate a particular calendar week for the delivery. We will deliver your order within the specified week.


I want to change the delivery time of my order, is this possible?

Yes, that is possible. Please send us an email to ( with the desired delivery week and then we will immediately adjust this


Is it true that you can already order bulbs in the spring, which are to be planted in the autumn?

Yes, we already offer bulbs in the spring, which are to be planted in the autumn, such as tulips, daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths. The delivery of these bulbs starts in September.


Duplicate order

I see in my account that I have made multiple orders, but I only want to receive one. How does this work?

For each payment attempt our system creates a new order. It is therefore possible that you will see multiple orders in your account. However, we only ship paid orders and will cancel the remaining ones.


Bulbs sizes

Flower bulb sizes are given in centimetres and refer to the circumference of each bulb except for begonias and gloxinias where the sizes refer to the bulb diameter. This is the international measuring standard for all bulbs. Below you will find an overview of our bulb sizes:

Variety Bulb size (cm)
Tulips 11
Narcissi 12
Narcissi – Botanical 10
Crocussus 7
Crocusses – Botanical 6
Hyacinths 16
Lillies 14 / 16
Amaryllis 28
Freesia 6
Iris 8


Planting time

What is the best time to plant spring-flowering bulbs?

In general, the bulbs can best be planted when the soil temperature is lower than 9 degrees. Depending on the outside temperature the bulbs can therefore be planted from September to December (or even longer if the frost holds out).


What is the best time to plant summer-flowering bulbs?

Summer-flowering bulbs can be planted from March to May. The species that are not winter hardy, for example, dahlias, begonias or zantedeschias, however, can only be planted when the risk of frost has passed.


Are there any bulbs that can be planted in both seasons?

Some bulbs can be planted in the spring and autumn, for example, anemones, lilies, amaryllis and alliums. We deliver them at the appropriate planting time.

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