An unusual sight, these are the tubers of the eremurus, known as fox tail lily or desert candle, with its long fleshy roots. But once in bloom, the imposing, plume-like stems with small flowers are a true spectacle. Looking for eremurus tubers? Welcome to BULBi, specialist in high quality flower bulbs and tubers. We have a wide range of eremures. View our current range and order easily online.

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Buy eremurus tubers

We sell a wide assortment, fresh eremurus tubers at very competitive prices; directly from our growers! View our current offer in the webshop and order already packed bulbs and tubers in different packages. Filter by category, color, group and flowering time, for a specified overview. You can easily order online in our webshop. Are you interested in bulk quantities and full containers? Then we would like to refer you to our wholesale company Green Garden Flowerbulbs.


Planting eremurus tubers

The star-shaped tuber or root has long, fleshy stems that resemble a squid. Eremurus does well in any type of soil, provided it is not too wet. When planting, make sure the roots are well spread out and the tubers are not too deep. The tubers can be planted from October through April. If the corms are going into the ground for the winter, it is advisable to protect the corms from frost by covering the soil. Eremurus like a light, sunny position. Tip: mix some sharp sand or fine gravel into the planting hole for heavy soil types.


Order eremurus tubers online

Eremurus tubers are available almost all year round (while stocks last). Of course, you can be busy planning your garden or balcony and beautifying your surroundings before the season begins. It is therefore possible to order flower bulbs and tubers online before the season begins, so you are assured of your preferred choice of eremurus tubers. The eremurus tubers will be delivered, in a delivery week of your choice, at the right planting time! After you have placed an order, you will automatically receive an e-mail with an order confirmation. If you would like more information about ordering, please visit the 'how to order' page.

As soon as the eremurus tubers are available they will be delivered at your doorstep. If you would like more information about shipping, please visit the page 'shipping and delivery'.


Different types of eremurus

We offer different types of eremurus. To make your choice you can use the filter; choose for example the flowering period, the color, group or height. The eremurus blooms with long graceful spikes with long narrow leaves. With their unique appearance, they combine great with the stately alliums and many other perennials.


History of the eremurus

Eremurus is primarily native to central and western Asia. It often grows at high altitudes and mountainous terrain, on dry rocky slopes. In Greek, "eremos" means alone and "oura" tail. A reference to its location and flowering form. In the second half of the 19th century, a Russian botanist and plant collector Olga Fedtschenko gave her name to the species Olgae. By the firm Van Tubergen (tubergenii) hybrids were won in 1907 and by P. Voet (x himrob) from Overveen in 1903. By Sir Michael Forster of Great Shelford, England around this time the Shelford hybrids were also given names. In 1950 the Ruiter hybrids were bred by Klaas de Ruyter from Uitgeest.


Partner of Keukenhof

BULBi and Green Garden Flowerbulbs are proud partners of Keukenhof. Every year, we supply thousands of flower bulbs to the flower park in Lisse. Keukenhof, just like BULBi and Green Garden Flowerbulbs, is located in the Bulb Region and attracts more than a million visitors from around the world every year.

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