Lasagna gardening

Because flower bulb lasagna is not a delicious Italian dish made from edible bulbs, but a special way of planting, we will tell you in this blog how this exactly works!

Bulb lasagne consists of... Yes; layers of flower bulbs with different flowering times. This way you can create your own spring garden in no time! The bottom layer consists of flower bulbs with the last flowering time. Flowering bulbs that flower early are placed above this layer. Flowerbulbs can stand above each other without any problems. So they bloom as usual, one after the other, but in the same place. In this way, you can let a pot or piece of soil bloom for weeks!

Place a layer of hydro grains, pot shards or gravel at the bottom of a spacious pot (with a hole in the bottom).
2. Sprinkle a layer of potting soil over it.
3. Place the last flowering bulbs on the bottom layer, for example tulips .
4. Place them (pointy end up) in the soil and cover them with potting soil.
5. Then place the bulbs that bloom before the tulips , for example daffodils or . Cover with potting soil.
6. The top layer is intended for flower bulbs that flower first. Think of snowdrops or crocuses .
7. Cover with potting soil.
8. Gently press and water.

And now… Let’s wait and see the colourful result! With these tips you can create a deliciously fragrant lasagna, isn't the above recipe going according to plan? We are happy to help you! Follow our social media channels or send an e-mail.



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