Gloxinia is a real pot plant. The velvety, bell-shaped flowers brighten up any space. Looking for gloxinia tubers? Welcome to BULBi, specialist in high quality flower bulbs and tubers. Our assortment of gloxinia is available directly from stock! View our current range and order easy online

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Buy gloxinia tubers

We sell a wide range of fresh gloxinia tubers at very competitive prices; directly from our growers! View our current range in the webshop and order already packed bulbs and tubers in different packages. Filter by category, colour, group and flowering time for a specified overview. You can easily order online in our webshop. Are you interested in bulk quantities and full containers? Then we would like to refer you to our wholesale company Green Garden Flowerbulbs.


Planting Gloxinia tubers

Gloxinia or sinniga speciosa is a real pot plant and like the begonia it needs to be protected from frost. Plant the tubers immediately after receiving them and keep them constantly lightly moist. Gloxinia originates from the rain forests of Brazil, therefore they love light and high humidity. Gloxinia is an indoor plant, but can easily be placed outside in the summer months. Make sure that the (night) frost is over by then and place them in a sheltered spot, not in the full sun. Gloxinia flowers in the summer and is not hardy.


Order Gloxinia tubers online

Gloxinia tubers are available from March. Of course you can already start planning your summer garden or balcony and beautify your surroundings in advance of the season. It is therefore possible to order your gloxinia bulbs and tubers online before the season starts, ensuring you of your preferred choice of gloxinia tubers. The gloxinia tubers will be delivered, in a delivery week of your choice, at the right planting time! After you have placed your order, you will automatically receive an e-mail with an order confirmation. If you would like more information about ordering, please visit the page 'order procedure'.

As soon as the gloxinia tubers are available, they will be delivered at your doorstep. For more information on shipping, please visit the page 'shipping and delivery'.


Different types of gloxinia

We offer a wide assortment of gloxinia. For instance, red, pink, white and violet gloxinias.  To make your choice you can use the filter; choose for example flowering period, colour, group or height.


History of the gloxinia

Sinningia speciosa or gloxinia speciosa is a plant of the family Gesneriaceae. The plant occurs in the wild in the tropical forests of Brazil and is usually kept as a houseplant in Europe.


Partner of Keukenhof

BULBi and Green Garden Flowerbulbs are proud partners of Keukenhof. Every year, we supply thousands of flower bulbs to the flower park in Lisse. Keukenhof, just like BULBi and Green Garden Flowerbulbs, is located in the Bulb Region and attracts more than a million visitors from all over the world every year.

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